Story Update: Research done, interviews pending

Now three weeks into my story on Adderall usage among college students I am a bit behind the curve as far as resource gathering. I have basically all of the research done on Adderall, but need to schedule some interviews and get student feedback on the issue.

I plan on putting together a survey this week to hand out in my classes to get data on roughly how many students at SDSU have taken Adderall and what percentage of students consider it cheating. I also plan on calling student health services to find out what resources the school has to offer students who are overworked and sleep deprived and if they have treated students for exhaustion after using Adderall. Later in the week I will walk around campus and interview students at random to get their opinions on the drug and whether it should be an issue the SDSU Police Department cracks down on. This should provide enough resources for me to complete a first draft of the story, but I will continue searching for a source who is willing to go on the record about his/her Adderall use.