Story Update: The Final Touches

After reworking my story with the new information from my interview with Stephanie Greeney Hamlin I am much happier with how the story has turned out. Greeney Hamlin was a great source of information, especially since she started a program to specifically target non-medical use of prescription drugs in sororities and fraternities. I am still in need of one visual to accompany my story and I didn’t realize how hard acquiring visuals would prove to be for this story. I have a friend with an Adderall prescription and I plan to take a picture of the pills he has to serve as my last visual.

I am still collecting survey results and I plan on reaching the magic number of 100 survey results by the time December comes around. To accomplish this I am going to ask my friends to send the survey link to their classes via blackboard. I don’t think the data will change much after these new survey results, but it is important to get these results so that the survey can be statistically significant. The survey finding I was most surprised by was that students reported Adderall as the second most popular option for staying awake while studying. The fact that Coffee was the main option doesn’t surprise me, but I thought more students would choose energy drinks before turning to prescription drugs.

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