Story update: Survey and Revisions

With my the first version of my story completed I have shifted my attention toward gathering survey information to include in an infographic. The survey was simple to put together via a Google form and now I just have to find enough participants to have a representative random sample of San Diego State students. I plan to share the link in the Facebook group of my graduating class and send the link to my classmates via blackboard. I also plan to distribute a flyer with information on how to participate in the survey. This information is vital to my final story so I want to make sure every step of the information gathering is done correctly.

After receiving edits to the first version of my story I have done additional interviews and reporting to fill in some gaps with the story. I have contacted more students to get their opinions on non-prescription drug usage and I plan on incorporating those interviews with my survey results.

Adderall usage among college students: The beginning

Last week I selected my topic for the ongoing story package I will be working on this semester. It didn’t take me long to come up with the idea since Adderall use among college students has been a story I have been wanting to investigate for awhile now. The topic was presented to me around six months ago by a fellow member of the investigative team at The Daily Aztec and I made a note of it and put it aside for when I would have the time to do it.

Now’s the time to look into it and here is what I’m trying to find out:

  • What percentage of students are taking Adderall for a non-medical purpose?
  • Why are these students reverting to Adderall as opposed to coffee, red bull or other caffeinated drinks used to help students cram for an exam or finish a big homework project?
  • What is the risk vs. reward benefit of taking Adderall? Are there lingering health problems associated with it?

I might encounter some problems getting sources to talk on the record about illegally obtaining and taking Adderall, but I have some friends who can introduce me to many people who do take Adderall so I’m hoping one of them will be willing to go on record. I am also planning on  doing an anonymous survey in several of my classes to gather data on Adderall usage at San Diego State.